Montana Wood Briquette

Always Clean, Always Dry

Campfire and Wood Stove Fuel

No Additives or Binders, Environmentally Friendly


MWB briquette's are processed with equal pressure that allows for an even heat expenditure with consistent and controllable burn rate. Use in your campfire, backyard fire-pit, or wood stove.


Utilizing 100% recycled wood, MWB briquette's may include oak, alder, hickory, walnut, maple, cherry, ash, fir, poplar & others woods. No glues, additives or binders. Eco friendly and carbon neutral.


Always clean and always dry.
Takes up less space and stores easily.
Comes complete with natural fire-starter for easy lighting.

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Made in Montana

Campfires just got a little easier, no muss, no fuss, 5 briquettes will burn for about 2 hours and all in a convenient easy to carry bag!

Preserving Montana

Turning wood waste into a useful by-product and helping to eliminate waste brought to the landfill.

1 bag contains 5 briquettes, natural fire-starter and lighting instructions, you supply the match!

Montana Wood Briquette

Manufactured in Kalispell Montana

Download the lighting instructions